Craft Store Review - Toho Shoji, NY NY

As a maker, visiting craft stores can nearly be considered a hobby. I love Michael's as much as the next DIY enthusiast but when it comes to making jewelry, I prefer a higher degree of quality. Amongst my favorite stores for jewelry parts and components is Toho Shoji, located near Herald Square in NYC. The store is Japanese as are the employees. For those who have had the pleasure of visiting Japan, you will immediately recognize the same level of hospitality and quality in their customer care. 

As for the merchandise, pictures speak better than words. I was in need of some gold parts and the following are my purchases. I left the price tags on for reference. 

The quality is really quite good and their amount of selection quite wonderful. Although the prices can be steep depending on what you decide to purchase, I believe it will be worthwhile spending in most cases.  

Of course I couldn't help but to make something after visiting; look below! 

A drop necklace. (Tutorial HERE) The outcome was almost exactly what I was hoping for. Simple yet beautiful. It looks beautiful against a plain white tee actually.

If you have the time and find yourself in NYC, you might want to make a little visit! 

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