Fragrance Review- A Signature Scent

I don't always wear perfume when I leave home but I've always loved collecting them because they make for a beautiful display. Here's some of what I have!


I had to adjust the lighting for these pictures because I place them in a relatively dark and cool place. They never come into contact with direct sunlight. How? Thanks to the slanted ceilings in my home, it's possible!

I had purchased Féerie, Boudoir and Bleu a while back but kept them inside their boxes but decided to open them now. The bottles for Féerie and Boudoir are exquisitely beautiful and make for wonderful additions to my collection. 

Whenever I do wear perfume, I go to this one. Alien by Thierry Mugler. Although mostly known for another fragrance, Angel, I found the notes in Alien to be more exotic, mysterious and appealing than any other fragrance I have encountered. Not to mention, the bottles are equally unique and some refillable, including this one!

One to two sprays will last all day and the dry down is incredible. It's the only perfume I own that always manages to draw a compliment. Although a first impression of Alien may be much too strong for most, the perfume is bound to grow on you if you get past the initial stage. It's really one of those scents that gets better and better throughout the day. The initial notes of jasmine are bold yet feminine, and the later notes of vanilla and amber bring warmth and relaxation. If I had a signature scent, this would be it! Try it, the next time you pass by a fragrance counter. 


I love Alien so much, that I also purchased Womanity by Thierry Mugler. The picture doesn't do the bottle justice. Figs and caviar? Although I have yet to try it, I like the sound of the smell already! 

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